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porte-monnaie, portemonnaie <pl porte-monnaie, portemonnaies> [pɔʀt(ə)mɔnɛ] СУЩ m

3. piocher (prendre) JEUX:

dive in! inf

1. refermer (fermer):

II.se refermer ГЛАГ возвр

Переводы porte-monnaie в словаре Английский»Французский (Перейти к Французский»Английский)

1. owe (be indebted for):

I owe you one inf or a favour

2. owe (be morally bound to give):

2. miss (fail to take or catch):

9. miss (regret absence of):

Смотри также near miss, mile

1. mile (unit of length):

2. mile fig:

1. draw (on paper etc):

3. draw (pull):

4. draw (derive):

5. draw (cause to talk):

6. draw (attract) person, event, film:

10. draw (remove, pull out):

2. draw (move):