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22.07.2012 17:43:23

have ought

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would it sound very horrible if i said ".... i have ought." ?
considering that its for a poem...

23.07.2012 11:32:13

have ought

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‘Ought’ has two different meanings and it’s not clear which one you want here.

1.Verb: ‘to ought to’ = etw tun sollen

And it forms the past tense as follows;

Present: I ought to telephone him.
Past: I ought to have telephoned him.

So we don’t usually write ‘I have ought’, but one can normally be quite relaxed about grammar in a poem :)

2.Noun: ‘ought’ = something

This is a slightly old-fashioned word, although still used in some dialects. The opposite is ‘nought’.

In this case, ‘I have ought’ is correct and your readers may assume that this is the sense you meant.



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