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05.06.2012 14:14:04


Hallo liebe Leute,

kennt Ihr das Wort Astroturfing? Ist das nur in US gebräuchlich oder sagt man das auch in GB? Das Forum hier is krass,

viele Grüße
06.06.2012 09:02:32

Re: astroturfing

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Hi Klausi,

I think 'astroturfing‘ is used in the UK too – but not very often.

I think it is really ‘jargon’ and so may not be widely understood (except by people who are interested in the subject area).

A couple of examples from UK newspapers;

Astroturfing is the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support for a policy, individual, or product, where little such support exists.

"Astroturfing" – the setting up of fake grassroots organisations to push a particular view – has long been a problem in politics,



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