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22.05.2012 18:08:47

Fluchen in GB - Swearing in GB

Hello everyone!!
German is my mother tongue, so please forgive me for any mistakes i make.
I am writing it in English, because I am lazy and I guess everyone's able to understand it.

A few years ago I bought a book about school exchanges to Britain.
One sentence said: "In GB people swear a lot, even on TV, this is why swear words are used more often (in daily life), than in Germany."

Well, I have been to Britain once. I wasn't really part of "a daily british life" and I didn't hear anybody swear.

So is that true?

Thanks starship
25.05.2012 15:04:00

Re: Fluchen in GB - Swearing in GB

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Hi starship,

Really interesting question!

The answer, accordingly, is quite difficult ;)

I think it’s always difficult to generalise – do British people swear a lot? It depends on which people and in what situation.

So, I suppose people in both countries are more likely to swear at a football match, say, than when having tea/coffee with friends.

I think as a foreigner it’s best to err on the side of caution and not swear (even if the locals do).

Hope that helps,


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