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11.07.2010 18:40:43

Fraulein - still used?

Hi everyone! I’m learning German autodidactically with an old textbook my mother gave me. Now I’ve got a question concerning the “Fraulein” (sorry, I don't know how to get the dots above the a). In the textbook it says you address unmarried women with “Frauein”. Is this still the case? I’m not sure, I thought it’s old-fashioned nowadays. The book is from 1964…
11.07.2010 20:11:38

Re: Fraulein - still used?

Hi! Nowadays nobody uses “Fräulein” to address someone, you always say “Frau”. I’d recommend a new textbook :D

P.S.: If you haven't got the German keybord you can write oe for ö, ue for ü and ae for ä, that's a current method.
13.07.2010 10:21:40

Re: Fraulein - still used?

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Fräulein wird nicht mehr im alltäglichen Sprachgebrauch verwendet.
Das Wort ist nicht nur veraltet, sondern gilt auch als abwertend.
Keine Frau möchte Fräulein genannt werden.
Die letzte Verwendung fand das Wort wohl für Kellnerinnen.
Aber ich würde es tunlichst vermeiden, heutzutage eine Kellnerin "Fräulein" zu rufen.

Witzigerweise gehört "Fräulein" zu den deutschen Wörtern, die viele Amerikaner kennen.
In diesem Fall ganz klar aus dem Film "Sound of Music".
20.08.2010 23:30:57

Re: Fraulein - still used?

for the so-called "umlauts" (ä, ö, ü), you can use the following ASCII-codes:
- for ä: ALT+132 (hold ALT and press 1, 3 and 2 one after another)
- for ö: ALT+148
- for ü: ALT+129

the capitals
- for Ä: ALT+142
- for Ö: ALT+153
- for Ü: ALT+154

Göödbye :lol:
29.10.2010 20:54:55

Re: Fraulein - still used?

if you wanna have it even easier, you may do it like that:

but just when your writing with PC, never when youre writing with hand...
people in midage wrote like that then.

And concerning your question: Im German and sorry, but I dont feel automatically offended if someone´s using it.
I agree with the fact that its old-fashioned and normally not used. But if its used it depends strongly on the context how to interpret. There are of course phrases like "Frollein, so nicht!..."- kind of a ban.
But it might be jokingly as well. And if I have a chef (if he´s older and we do have a good relationship) who´d address me like that - Im not sure if I would feel sooo strange. With older people in general not. True, its not modern any more.

I´d really advise you to buy a modern excercise book, as
1. Language (mainly words of course) and language use change rapidly and steadily(!!!) more than 40 years (the book´s age) is a lot!
2. Teaching methods and knowledge about it have changed,too. Books and excercises from that days look much different from the ones nowadays - and there are really good ones. New facts about learning have been discovered and everythings been developed.
Id even go a step further: At that time language skills and language accuracy and precision might have been not that appreciated as nowadays.
3. The last fact: There have been various spelling reforms in the last years ;)

So, please- buy a contemporary excercise book ;)
10.11.2010 16:45:38

Re: Fraulein - still used?

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