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09.05.2012 17:21:25

Re: Money - England

Hello 89rules!
I think you're right.
I sent 2 parcels full of sweets and other things to them and I gave some money to them too
You're also right when you say that I shouldn't talk about it.
I think with their behaviour they let me know that they don't wanna talk about it,
And I am just not going to do it again.

14.05.2012 16:58:34

Re: Money - England

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Hey Blister,

I have just been thinking ... there may be several reasons why they don't seem to want to talk about money. Either

a) as 89rules suggests, they may see it as "the done thing" to pay for their guest, especially if the guest is still a minor.
or b) they may feel that this reflects on their social standing or makes them look mean - whether or not they can actually afford it or not. This of course doesn't make your position any easier, and if it were a daughter or son of mine abroad, I would maybe be embarrassed too, if I hadn't given my child money to return the hospitality to the host family.

This is a sticky one. However, there isn't really much you can do about that to "get your own back" - except maybe send them giftsf from Germany once you return home. They wouldn't be able to do much about that, short of sending the gifts back, and I am sure they wouldn't do that. Maybe you could ask them if they would like to visit you in Germany sometime, and you could maybe show them around a bit?

Cheers and HTH
15.05.2012 18:21:36

Re: Money - England

Hey Laura77!

Thanks for your suggestions!
I already asked them to come over and they're gonna do it one day i suppose.
I send them gifts, give them money, say thank you, get gifts in England for them and stuff.
For me it's not about gifts or money.

I think there's another problem. It's a problem with myself. I know that I did everything in order to show them that I appreciate their kindness and that they let me stay at their house. HOWEVER it's a weird feeling for me, that "people" ("strangers" if you like) pay everything, literally everything! It gives me a feeling of dependence and I feel like a child as well. Especially because I am a stranger to them and I am in a foreign country (even though I love it :mrgreen: ).
But I think we already discussed that. (To be honest I can't remember).

Anyway, thank you everyone!!

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