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20.04.2012 22:04:50

Money - England

Hallo zusammen.
Also ich habe vor 2 Jahre eine ganz tolle Familie aus England kennengelernt zu der ich bis jetzt jeden Sommer hingeflogen bin.
Sie haben mich sehr gut aufgenommen und in ihrem Haus wohnen lassen.
Nun wenn es zu dem Thema "Geld" kam wurde generell komplett von dem Thema abgelenkt oder nicht geantwortet - und zwar jedes mal!

Egal ob ich gefragt habe ob ich den Eintritt in einen Freizeitpark zahlen soll, mein lunch selber zahlen oder ob sie Geld dafür wollen dass ich bei denen wohnen darf.
Jedes mal wurde davon abgelenkt und ich habe mich verständlicher Weise schlecht gefühlt.

Nun, wie ist es denn mit den Engländern? Reden die generell nicht gerne über Geld oder war das einfach nur so?

Danke schonmal

(Hello everyone,
2 years ago i got to know a wonderful family from England. I go there every summer.
They gave me a cordial reception and let me stay at their house.
Well, everytime we talked about money, they basically didn't want to talk about it.
No matter, if i wanted to pay the theme park admission (for myself) or my lunch.
I felt very bad and also insecure cause I didn't know whether they talk about it or not.

Now, what is it like in England? Don't they talk about money at all or was it something else? - Did i make a mistake?)
24.04.2012 12:10:39

Re: Money - England

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It’s hard to tell, of course, but they may just be a little embarrassed to talk about money.

But I think it’s OK to offer to pay occasionally, if only to let them know that you don’t take it for granted that they pay.
25.04.2012 17:03:46

Re: Money - England

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Hi to all,

Just to contribute to the discussion - the talking about money - or not - question is an interesting topic. I had a taste of these differences on a (work-related) visit to the US we were invited for dinner to someone's house, and in the general smalltalk afterwards I remember getting asked - about whether I had a decent pay in my work, like, "that's a nice job, but what about the pay?" - to me that was going a bit too far for a first acquaintance - I didn't really appreciate that!

I would be interested to know what others think about this topic!

Kind regards

Some German words are so long that they have a perspective (Mark Twain)
26.04.2012 11:54:17

money: England; US; pay; work

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey SuperDuck,

Thanks for adding to the discussion. Your comments are definitely related to the topic.

If you ask me, I'd say, "What about the pay?" is a pretty general question that can be replied to with countless answers.

For instance, you could be vague and say something like:

"It's pretty good." / "It's not bad." / "I'm pretty happy with it." / "Let's just say... I'm doing OK."

or you could also go into specifics, and say something like:

"I make / take home about $(fill in the blank) a year / a month / an hour."

If "What about the pay?" was indeed the question, I wouldn't say that's going a bit too far. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, though. 8-)

26.04.2012 17:41:44

Re: Money - England

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Hi Yama,

yes, very true.
These are very helpful suggestions with regard to answering when asked.

It is perhaps an intra- as well as intercultural topic - I have found that there are differences even within a country or a region. Any more reports?


Some German words are so long that they have a perspective (Mark Twain)
04.05.2012 12:03:44

Re: Money - England

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In the UK, the question ‘How much do you earn?’ is usually answered with ‘About twice what they pay me” ;)
05.05.2012 18:33:04

Re: Money - England

Hi everyone.

I never thought that this would be such a huge topic.

Thank you for everyone who answered so far. I am very pleased.
Well I have also heard that a lot of people in England do not like to talk about money. It was in a magazine and a part of the article said "Americans do like to talk about their salary, Brits don't"

And this sentence made me believe what I suspected that they don't really like to talk about money.

I talked to the british family recently and their kids (2 of them) bought a camera. So I wanted to test them and ask the daughter how much she had to pay? (they share the camera), and she didn't answer that question. So i asked her a second time and she said "I can't remember but it was a lot".

Well this year I am going to back to England and somehow we just have to talk about my as we'll probably to a lot of places and stuff.

So are there any suggestions how i could talk about money without them saying nothing?
Because when they pay everything I feel ashamed and bad.

Thank you so much. You're awesome !
08.05.2012 14:02:08

money; England

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey blister,

I'm not sure there's anything you can do to get them to talk openly about money if they don't really want to.

If you feel bad about them paying for everything, however, I suppose you could try the ol', "That's OK. This one's on me." If that fails, perhaps you could try to jump the gun and pay for some things before they notice or get a chance.

I know that doesn't help much, but I thought I'd share those ideas with you.

Good luck!

08.05.2012 16:41:13

Re: Money - England

Hi yakyuyama!
Thanks for your suggestions.

I don't really want to pay when they don't want me to, because last year there was a situation like this too when we were getting ice cream.

Before we went into an ice cream shop I said that I am gonna pay and they went "NOOO NOOO, Don't!"
But i did it though and they seemed to be extremly embarrassed, so embarrassed that we hadn't talked for about 5 minutes.
However I am gonna try it over and over again and maybe i should also talk to them about the "money issue", sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to do and this time it's about money.
I think being honest is an important thing in this case.

oh by the way "That's OK. This one's on me." would sound a bit weird cos I am only 16 wouldnt it? (Thank you for the suggestion though you couldn't know that :P )

Thanks everyone...
09.05.2012 11:51:02

Re: Money - England

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I think you're right about being 16 and saying "This one's on me." sounding a bit weird. If I were hosting you and you were only 16, the last thing I would expect is for you to pay for anything and I'd probably feel embarrassed, too, if you even tried to pay for anything. You should probably just let your hosts treat you to whatever they want and "pay" them back in other ways. Maybe you can buy them some small presents as a token of your appreciation or you can send them a nice thank-you card, for instance. Well, you probably know that and you've probably done that, too, I bet... I'm not trying to make it sound like you're ungrateful, because I'm sure you're not. Anyway, maybe it's best to just let your host family do their thing and not really press them so much about money. If you keep bringing up a topic (money) that they aren't interested in talking about, you might just annoy them to the point of not wanting to host you any more... Maybe you should swallow some of your pride? Pick your battles wisely, my friend. ;)

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