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18.10.2011 15:40:52

Queuing - culture difference?

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I have always wondered why people often don't queue up in Germany, for instance at the baker's - instead both the customers and the person behind the counter have to note and remember in what order people arrived, and know the answer when asked "Wer kommt zuerst?". I would be intrigued as to the origin of this type of habit / culture differnce!

Can anyone hazard a guess - or is your experience different?

Looking forward to hearing from you

P.S. I don't mind if you all rush at once to answer :-)
19.10.2011 15:52:59

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

[PONS] urs
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Hi Laura,

I don't know the reason for the difference either but I'm afraid the world is not what it used to be. Please have a look at:


best wishes
20.10.2011 18:18:19

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

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Yes, I‘ve noticed that too – at first I thought it a bit odd - but it seems to work.

Maybe the idea is that you stand at the counter next to the thing you want to buy – so that when it is your turn you can simply point and say, ‘One of those, please’?



PS Urs, the link you included doesn’t work for me :(
24.10.2011 16:01:06

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

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Hi fredbär,

Yes, it works! I have got used to it now after 20 years(!), but, like being in school, you can get caught out if you don't pay attention - and think its your turn when it's not, it may look like "queue"-jumping ("Vordrängeln"). Then you need a friendly, "ups, ich habe nicht aufgepasst, Sie sind dran", or words to that effect. I have found that this potentially misleading situation can often be mastered with a little humour :D


PS I have a problem with the link function too, do you add the link inside the square brackets, outside the brackets or between the two brackets - can anyone lend a hand?
25.10.2011 15:00:08

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

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I’ve always found it odd that in the UK we queue everywhere - except in pubs (where we adopt the German system ;)
25.10.2011 16:29:53

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

[PONS] ponshobbit
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Too true: that nicely illustrates one of the finer points of intercultural living ... so that's where the sense of déjà-vu in the baker's comes from :D

27.10.2011 17:00:44

Re: Queuing - culture difference?

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There used to be a kind of rugby tackle in our primary school tuck shop - it was always the usual suspects who got in first 8-)

Come to think of it, "tuck shop" would be an idea for a new thread - anybody like to take me up on it?

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