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06.12.2012 21:46:01

Re: Genetiv mit Apostroph - Mutter Krausen’s fahrt ins Glück

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Hey Ponsomime,

Today, I saw somewhere else in the forum that we should have a word of the day or something like that. Well, for me at least, today's word of the day comes compliments of you: apostrophitis. I had never heard of that word until now, but I see it's definitely out there http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=apostrophitis and I really like it. Reading that little blurb on urban dictionary immediately reminded me of a glaring apostrophe mistake I read about that happened last year around this time in Australia. A department store called Myer had a slogan that read: Early bird get's the right size. They took quite a bit of flak for that mistake. See the following article:


I guess another department store, this time a British retailer, Marks & Spencer, has also made its share of similar apostrophe blunders:


Take it easy,
89rule's :lol:
07.12.2012 09:48:07

Re: Genetiv mit Apostroph - Mutter Krausen’s fahrt ins Glück

[PONS] Ponsomime
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Hi 89rule’s,

Apostrophitis is a pretty good word, though I must admit it was new to me too.

Your mention of Myer reminded me that in Melbourne visiting the Myer Christmas window display is a big deal – nice little behind-the-scenes video here (with great Australian accents) :)


Pon’somime ;)
11.03.2013 19:40:13

Re: Genetiv mit Apostroph - Mutter Krausen’s fahrt ins Glück

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Good link, Fredbär, I especially like the variation "rogue's apostrophe2 :lol:

15.07.2013 18:55:01

Re: Genetiv mit Apostroph - Mutter Krausen’s fahrt ins Glück

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Yes, that's right Ponsomime, the "greengrocer's apostrophe" can also be referred to as the "idiot's apostrophe" - (a direct translation of the German "Deppenapostroph"


Another nice article on the background of the misuse of apostrophes (no, I won't say "apostrophe's" )



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