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I've read these two sentences and would like to know where is the difference, because in the first case the "zurück" is directly after the verb and in the second it's placed after the object:

Wir fuhren zurück nach Hause.
Sie hatten keine Lust noch länger zu bleiben und fuhren zu Ihrer Schwester zurück.
01.08.2011 17:20:06

Re: prepositions

Hi maybebaby,

I personally think that there is no difference between the two...

In the second sentence there is a dative object between the fuhren and zurück.

zurückfahren is a Verb that consists of two words...

06.10.2011 18:04:39

Re: prepositions

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I think in the first sentence, ‘zurück’ is a preposition.

In the second, it is the separable prefix of the verb ‘zurückfahren’ and so goes at the end of the sentence.

Hope that helps,


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