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can somebody explain what a Binnenmajuskel is?
19.05.2011 05:14:01

Re: Binnenmajuskel

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Hi Kevin,

means: Großbuchstabe im Wortinneren.

Majuskel (von lateinisch majus = größer= = Großbuchstabe, Versalie
binnen = 'innen, innerhalb'



camelCase (camel case or camel-case)—also known as medial capitals[1]—is the practice of writing compound words or phrases in which the elements are joined without spaces, with each element's initial letter capitalized within the compound and the first letter is either upper or lower case—as in "LaBelle", BackColor, "McDonald's", or "iPod". The name comes from the uppercase "bumps" in the middle of the compound word, suggestive of the humps of a camel.


Wer eine Fremdsprache lernt, zieht den Hut vor einer anderen Nation.
Martin Kessel

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