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02.01.2011 19:45:31

Journalistic Terms

Hello everybody,

At present I'm rendering a fairly complicated text with many journalistic terms into English. Can you come up with an English translation for the following terms:

"Mal- und Mengenstaffel" ?
"Anzeigenring" ?
"Anzeigentarifgemeinschaft" ?
"Bezieherwerber" ?
"Nachversand" ?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Have a very Happy New Year!

05.01.2011 10:04:10

Re: Journalistic Terms

Hi Andtrans,
I know a translation for "Tarifgemeinschaft". It was in a text we translated at university.
tariff community
"Ring" could be group or circle.
A "Bezieher" is a regular reader or subscriber.
11.01.2011 10:41:55

Re: Journalistic Terms

Here's a definition for Mal- und Mengenstaffel:
It's a two-staged discount system.
Malstaffel: the client gets a discount if his advertisement is published in the same newspaper or magazine in several consecutive issues
Mengenstaffel:the advertiser gets a discount if he books several advertisements within one magazine or newspaper.

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