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17.01.2011 10:25:43


In a book by Henning Mankell I came across the word Kaltmamsell. What does it mean? I couldn't find it in my dictionary. Thx!
17.01.2011 22:26:36

Re: Kaltmamsell

"Kalt" means "cold" and "mamsell" is derived from the french word "Mademoiselle", which means "Miss"
In a kitchen (i.e. in hotels and restaurants) the person who is in charge of the cold meals and courses is called "Kaltmamsell".
22.01.2011 14:57:06

Re: Kaltmamsell

Rainer S.
A female "gardemanger" (garde manger). To me the term sounds somewhat dated, but I'm not a kitchen expert:


There is a corresponding English page, too.

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