Какой будет перевод на английский язык?
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19.11.2012 11:21:52


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Anyone know what Pöhler means? The BVB trainer, Jürgen Klopp, has it written on his hat.

Thanks in advance,

19.11.2012 13:32:53

Re: Pöhler

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Hi DaveP,

Pöhler is slang and means 'Fußballspieler'

http://www.ruhrnachrichten.de/lokales/d ... 30,1539880


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Martin Kessel
19.11.2012 14:37:00

Re: Pöhler

[PONS] Ponsomime
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Hi DaveP/ folletto,

Bit more information on this from http://www.bundesliga.com/en/liga/news/2011/204750.php

“Those with a keen eye may have noticed Klopp has been sporting a new cap this season - with the word 'Pöhler' etched across the front. Even Germans have struggled to work out what it might mean, aside from those familiar with local Ruhr district lingo. There, the verb pöhlen is a slang word for having a kickabout, more specifically on the streets where the game's true passion shines through. After winning the title last term, Klopp had a song written about him by German singer Winnie Appel entitled Pöhler von Dortmund and liked it so much, he decided to have it stitched onto his hat.”

09.12.2012 11:34:25

Re: Pöhler

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Hier spricht der Mann persönlich;


23.12.2012 12:50:34

Re: Pöhler

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A bit more on the Ruhr dialect (in German)




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