Какой будет перевод на английский язык?
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31.03.2012 17:32:01


Hallo! Wie übersetzt man Spitzenduell (Fußball)?
01.04.2012 17:09:01

Spitzenduell; battle of the top two teams; matchup between t

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey Ralf,

I'm not sure if there's such a cool word (noun) as "Spitzenduell" in English, but I think one option is:

battle/matchup between/of (the) top two/two of the best teams

http://www.hsu.edu/interior2.aspx?id=17155 (basketball)

http://www.news1130.com/sports/article/ ... -two-teams (ice hockey)

http://www.laurierathletics.com/createa ... hp?ID=5715 (indoor soccer)

Another cooler-sounding option is:

clash of the titans

http://www.chicagolandsoccernews.com/te ... le_id=7060 (USA v Germany)

Happy battles,
03.04.2012 12:38:50

Re: Spitzenduell : squeaky bum time

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Hi Ralf,

I think yakyuyama is right – we don’t really have a single word for this.

What we do have is an expression that describes the end of the season where two (or more) teams could win the league and the pressure and nerves start to take play a role – it’s called ‘squeaky bum time’ :) – is there a German expression for this?

03.04.2012 15:29:12

Spitzenduell, squeaky bum time

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Hi DaveP,

Squeaky bum time? That's hilarious. There's no way that would go over well here in the US. I take it you're British? Anyone know of a similar expression used in Australia?

Take it easy,
04.04.2012 13:21:03

Re: Spitzenduell

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Hi Ralf & 89rules

British, yes. The expression was coined (I think) by Alex Fergusson, the Manchester United manager, a few years ago.

I was wondering if there was a German equivalent (I’m assuming it wouldn’t be a direct translation :)


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