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Hallo! Wie übersetzt man die Stammstrecke von der Sbahn auf englisch?
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Re: Stammstrecke

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Hallo Tamara,
I would translate it as trunk line.
By juxtaposing the following definitions, I came to the conclusion that Stammstrecke is an equivalent translation to trunk line.

Eine Stammstrecke ist in einem Verkehrssystem die Strecke, die typischerweise in der Anfangszeit des Verkehrssystems zuerst gebaut wurde und zum Kern seines Verkehrnetzes wurde.

Trunk line
The main line of a communications or transportation system.
(Transport / Railways) the main route or routes on a railway


The word Stammstrecke (in English literally "trunk route" or "trunk stretch") is used to refer to the stretch of S-Bahn between Donnersbergerbrücke and Ostbahnhof. All eight S-Bahn lines (or however many there are these days) share this stretch of track.

The Stammstrecke is, as the name suggests, a bit of a bottleneck in the Munich S-Bahn system. If one train, or set of points, or signals on this stretch fails, the entire network is subject to delays.

There are plans to build a second Stammstrecke - this should create some redundancy in the system and ease congestion. The plans were published in September 2005. It will be at least a year or two before the building work is complete.

29.07.2012 14:18:11

Re: Stammstrecke

Wow! Thanks so much!

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