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05.11.2012 20:04:20

translation for 'zwischen den Speichern'

german learner
I am looking for a translation of the phrase 'zwischen den Speichern'.
The context is: someone who is hiding in a building, so as not to be seen by others;
thus a person who is hiding 'zwischen den Speichern'.
I know the common translation for Speicher in english is 'attic, garret or storage space', but none of these seem to make real sense.
Please, your suggestions are much appreciated!
08.11.2012 17:51:49

Re: translation for 'zwischen den Speichern'

[PONS] Ponsomime
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Hi german learner,

I’m afraid I’m stumped :(

As you said, Speicher usually means ‘warehouse’ (e.g. the Speicherstadt in Hamburg) or ‘attic’ or ‘loft’ (i.e. places where you store things).

But zwischen den Speichern inside a building? Nope, doesn’t seem to fit – sorry.

Maybe if you posted the whole paragraph? A little more context never hurts.

20.12.2012 05:26:10

Re: translation for 'zwischen den Speichern'

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey all,

Anyone out there care to take another stab at solving the zwischen den Speichern mystery?


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