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24.02.2012 15:49:14

a two strikes model?

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Wie kann man den Satz "A study proposing a two strikes model against Internet piracy in Germany is being welcomed by the Ministry of Economics" verstehen?

Danke im Voraus.

24.02.2012 16:39:15

Re: a two strikes model?

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Hi PM2,

.... eine Studie schlägt ein zweistufiges Warnmodell im Kampf gegen die Internetpiraterie vor ....

Die 'dritte' Stufe wäre dann eine Sperrung der Internetzugänge

So lese ich das.


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Martin Kessel
25.02.2012 14:58:46

Re: two strikes; three strikes

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hi all,

In case anyone is looking for more information about this subject, here's a nice article from Deutsche Welle:


Based on the following paragraph of the article:

"The German study looked very closely at the French model of Hadopi, the three strikes law that has been in effect there since late 2010. In France, repeat offenders receive two warnings and then, if they are caught a third time, their case can go to court, and offenders can even be temporarily restricted from Internet access. As of October 2011, 165 French citizens had reached the third strike, but none have been prosecuted yet."

it sounds like Germany is thinking about issuing one warning, rather than two, and that the second offense could, but would not necessarily, lead to Internet access being restricted.

Based on this article, however (which contains a link to an article in German on the Spiegel.de website):

http://www.techdirt.com/articles/201110 ... ound.shtml

it seems that the second offense in Germany would mean you'd be unable to access the Internet for three weeks (even without the case going to court).

The French model of Hadopi essentially follows the baseball rule "Three strikes and you're out," whereas the German rule would make it "Two strikes and you're out."

Avast, 8-)
28.02.2012 20:34:12

Re: a two strikes model?

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Ach so, der Ausdruck kommt vom Baseball? Daran hätte ich nie gedacht.



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