Какой будет перевод на немецкий язык?
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13.07.2012 12:17:07


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“See you next week - same bat time, same bat channel”

Was bedeutet 'bat'?

Danke im Voraus,

13.07.2012 13:19:38

Re: bat

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1. same bat-time, same bat-chaqnnel
at the end of the 1960s live-action (adam-west) batman tv show, an announcer would tease the forthcoming episode (that resolved any cliffhangars) with the comment: TUNE IN NEXT WEEK. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL. nowadays it is used to affectionately tell someone that you will see them soon, particularly at a regular-time/place.
cant wait to see you for sci-fi-friday. same bat-time, same bat-channel.

ich würde das als "üblich" übersetzen. Am üblichen Ort, zur üblichen Zeit.

13.07.2012 19:47:48

Re: bat

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19.07.2012 13:50:12

Re: bat

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If I’m not too late...

In the programme itself, things were often prefixed with the word ‘bat’ – so, his secret cave was the “bat-cave”, his telephone was the “bat-phone” and so on, I think he even had a “batarang” (= bat-boomerang 8-) ), hence “bat-time” and “bat-channel”.

stay tuned bat fans!


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