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06.11.2012 08:10:43

reality distortion field

Andrew Keen has found the off switch for Silicon Valley's reality distortion field.

Wie würdet Ihr reality distortion field wiedergeben? Habe das jetzt häufiger gefunden. Hat jemand eine Vorstellung, wo der Ausdruck entstanden ist?

Hans-Dieter Kempf
06.11.2012 17:59:37

Re: reality distortion field

[PONS] Ponsomime
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According to Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reality_distortion_field)

"Reality distortion field (RDF) is a term coined by Bud Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981, to describe company co-founder Steve Jobs' charisma and its effects on the developers working on the Macintosh project.[1] Tribble said that the term came from Star Trek Later the term has also been used to refer to perceptions of his keynote speeches (or "Stevenotes") by observers and devoted users of Apple computers and products."


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