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Uebersetzung Engl.-Deutsch für Stiefelbeschreibung

nochmals hallo,

sorry, dachte, es sei alles sichtbar in der Themenlinie. Hier noch die ganzen Texte zu diesen Stiefeln. Sind die nun aus echtem Leder/Fell oder nicht?!

Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe

1. Tassled laces cinch the back of a mid-calf boot shrouded with genuine fox fur. Color(s): white. Brand: TECNICA. Style Name: Tecnica 'Yaghi Winter' Boot.

2. Approx, boot shaft height: 12"; 17" calf circumference, Wide calf, Genuine fox fur (Greece), genuine calf hair (Italy) and leather upper/synthetic faux-shearling, By Tecnica; made in Italy
10.12.2012 10:46:34

Re: Uebersetzung Engl.-Deutsch für Stiefelbeschreibung

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Hallo hotspot,

genuine fox fur = echter Fuchspelz

genuine calf hair = echte Kalbshaar

leather upper/synthetic faux-shearling = Obermaterial Leder/Kunst-Lammfell.

faux shearling = “Faux shearling fur is made from soft synthetic material that looks and feels like real sheepskin, but without the steep price tag and need for costly upkeep, i.e. dry cleaning. Most faux shearling is 100 percent acrylic, which means it has the added convenience of being hand- or machine-washable.”




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