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Was versteht darunter???? out of whole cloth

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this structure necessitates inventing virtually every moment in the film out of whole cloth
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Re: Was versteht darunter???? out of whole cloth

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McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.
to make something up out of whole cloth
Fig. to fabricate a story or a lie.
That's a lie. You just made up that story out of whole cloth.
Another meaning is captured by Answers.com:
This expression is a hold over from the days when material was hand made and very expensive. If a garment was made new from material that had been custom made, it was said to be made of "whole cloth", not a patched garment...
So the expression "created out of whole cloth" generally is admiration for an excellently told tall tale that is usually a new story. Novels sometimes get their start this way.
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Re: Was versteht darunter???? out of whole cloth

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Suggested translation:

- Aufgrund dieser Struktur muss jede Minute im Film zwangsläufig frei erfunden werden

- Diese Struktur macht es zwingend notwendig, nahezu jede Minute im Film frei zu erfinden

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