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14.02.2012 20:45:14

We are all Bozos ...

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Kate died ...., after a four-year-battle with cancer. There are circles within circles, and in the end we all share the same fate. As they say in the circus, "We’re all Bozos on this bus." I miss her. I miss her big laugh .... I know how much pleasure nusic brought to her ...

Soviel ich weiß, ist Bozo eine populäre amerikanische Clown-Figur. Wie ist dieser Spruch zu verstehen? Fällt jemandem eine deutsche Entsprechung ein?

Sinngemäß würde evtl. passen: Manchmal spiel man den Clown, nur um sich aufzuheitern. (?)
15.02.2012 10:42:15

Re: We are all Bozos ...

[PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey boss48,

Bozo is indeed the name of a clown.

I think that saying means, at least in part, something like:

We are all in the same boat.


We're all along for the same ride.

In other words, we are all humans and we are all going to die someday. Some of us might have (or think we have) a more important role than others, but in the end, that doesn't really matter, because we're all bit players in this world and we're all going to die.

15.02.2012 11:05:21

Re: We are all Bozos ...

Thank you, Yama, for your thought-provoking answer.

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