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I.under [Brit ˈʌndə, Am ˈəndər] ПРЕД When under is used as a straightforward preposition in English it can almost always be translated by sous in French: under the table = sous la table; under a sheet = sous un drap; under a heading = sous un titre.
under is often used before a noun in English to mean subject to or affected by ( under control, under fire, under oath, under review etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate noun entry ( control, fire, oath, review etc.).
under is also often used as a prefix in combinations such as undercooked, underfunded, underprivileged and undergrowth, underpass, underskirt. These combinations are treated as headwords in the dictionary.
For particular usages, see the entry below.

Смотри также review, oath, fire, control

1. review:

review (gen) ADMIN, LAW, POL (reconsideration)
the week in review RADIO, TV

1. oath LAW:

under oath , on oath Brit

4. fire U (shots):

to hang fire MILIT

1. control U (domination):

3. control U (physical mastery):

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