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Смотри также a2, A1

a2 [Brit ə, eɪ, Am eɪ, ə] avant voyelle ou ‘h’ muet, an [æn, ən] СОПУТС

Смотри также many, lot2, lot1, little2, little1, job lot, few

1. lot:

4. lot (decision-making process):

1. lot:

2. lot inf:

3. lot (specific group of people) inf:

1. lot (great deal):

lot inf:

1. little (small):

2. little (young):

6. little (short):

I.little1 <comp less, superl least> [ˈlɪtl] ПРИЛ. When little is used as an adjective ( little hope, little damage) it is translated by peu de: peu d'espoir, peu de dégâts.
For examples and particular usages see I. below.
When a little is used as a pronoun ( give me a little) it is translated by un peu: donne m'en-un peu.
When little is used alone as a pronoun ( there's little I can do) it is very often translated by pas grand-chose: je ne peux pas faire grand-chose.
For examples of these and other uses of little as a pronoun ( to do as little as possible etc.) see II. below.
For uses of little and a little as adverbs see the entry below.
Note that less, and least are treated as separate entries in the dictionary.

1. little (rarely):

2. little (hardly, scarcely):

3. little (not at all):

I.few <comp fewer, superl fewest> [Brit fjuː, Am fju] ПРИЛ. When few is used as an adjective to indicate the smallness or insufficiency of a given number or quantity ( few houses, few shops, few people) it is translated by peu de: peu de maisons, peu de magasins, peu de gens. Equally the few is translated by le peu de: the few people who knew her le peu de gens qui la connaissaient. For examples and particular usages see I. 1. in the entry.
When few is used as an adjective in certain expressions to mean several, translations vary according to the expression: see I. 2. in the entry.
When a few is used as an adjective( a few books), it can often be translated by quelques: quelques livres; however, for expressions such as quite a few books, a good few books, see II. in the entry.
For translations of few used as a pronoun ( few of us succeeded, I only need a few) see II. and III. in the entry.
For translations of the few used as a noun ( the few who voted for him) see IV. in the entry.

1. few (not many):

2. few (some, several):