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1. best (most enjoyable, pleasant):

2. best (of the highest quality, standard):

3. best (most competent):

4. best (most appropriate, desirable or valid):

5. best (most favourable):

6. best (peak, height):

7. best (greatest personal effort):

9. best (most advantageous or pleasing part):

11. best (good wishes):

1. best (most excellent or pleasing):

2. best (most competent):

3. best (most appropriate or suitable):

best superlative of well

Смотри также Sunday best, well2, well1, good

well → well up

1. well (in good health):

2. well (in satisfactory state, condition):

1. well (satisfactorily):

2. well (used with modal verbs):

3. well (intensifier):

6. well: