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I.down1 [Brit daʊn, Am daʊn] НАР Down often occurs as the second element in verb combinations in English ( go down, fall down, get down, keep down, put down etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( go, fall, get, keep, put etc.).
When used to indicate vague direction, down often has no explicit translation in French: to go down to London = aller à Londres; down in Brighton = à Brighton.
For examples and further usages, see the entry below.

1. down (from higher to lower level):

2. down (indicating position at lower level):

4. down (indicating direction):

5. down (in a range, scale, hierarchy):

6. down (indicating loss of money, decrease in profits etc):

7. down (indicating decrease in extent, volume, quality, process):

1. down (from higher to lower point):

2. down (at a lower part of):

3. down (along):

Смотри также put, keep, go, get, fall

put FIN → put option

1. put (place):

2. put (cause to go or undergo):

3. put (cause to be or do):

4. put (devote, invest):

5. put (add):

6. put (express):

7. put (offer for consideration):

8. put (rate, rank):

1. keep (maintenance):

1. keep (cause to remain):

2. keep (detain):

3. keep (retain):

5. keep (sustain):

6. keep (store):

12. keep (observe):

1. keep:

2. keep (remain):

keep возвр: