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too [Brit tuː, Am tu] НАР When too means also it is generally translated by aussi: me too = moi aussi; can I have some too? = est-ce que je peux en avoir aussi?
When too means to an excessive degree it is translated by trop: too high, too dangerous trop haut, trop dangereux.
For examples of the above and further usages, see the entry below.

1. too (also, as well):

2. too (reinforcing an opinion):

3. too (expressing indignation, annoyance):

4. too (excessively):

5. too (emphatic: very):

6. too (in negatives):

Смотри также only, all-important, all-embracing, all-consuming, all

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2. all (the only thing):

3. all (everyone):

5. all (emphasizing unanimity or entirety):

1. all (each one of):

2. all (the whole of):

1. all (emphatic: completely):

2. all (emphatic: nothing but):

1. all (completely):

2. all (in the highest degree) → all-consuming

all accurate, easy, widespread: