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Переводы temps-là в словаре Английский»Французский (Перейти к Французский»Английский)

1. which:

2. which (relative to preceding noun):

3. which (relative to preceding clause or concept):

1. which (interrogative):

1. back:

2. back (reverse side):

4. back (rear-facing part):

5. back (area behind building):

6. back MOTOR:

7. back (furthest away area):

1. back (at the rear):

1. back (indicating return after absence):

2. back (in return):

6. back (a long time ago):

7. back (once again):

9. back (indicating return to sb's possession):

10. back (expressing a return to a former location):

1. back (support):

5. back (reverse):

6. back (bet on):

7. back (stiffen, line):

Смотри также wall, scratch, own, hand, duck, beyond, answer

1. wall (gen):

5. wall fig:

1. scratch (wound):

4. scratch (wound):

5. scratch (react to itch):

6. scratch (damage):