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I.together [Brit təˈɡɛðə, Am təˈɡɛðər] НАР Together in its main adverbial senses is almost always translated by ensemble.
together frequently occurs as the second element in certain verb combinations ( get together, pull together, put together, tie together etc.). For translations for these, see the appropriate verb entry ( get together, pull together, tie together etc.).
For examples and further uses, see the entry below.

1. together (as a pair or group):

Смотри также tie together, pull together, get together

4. whatever (what on earth):

1. let (when making suggestion):

+ subj let's say (that)…

2. let (when expressing defiance or a command):

let y = 25 MAT
soit y = 25

3. let (allow):

let them have it! lit
let them have it! fig, inf (shoot)

4. let (allow free movement or passage to):

I.walk [Brit wɔːk, Am wɔk] СУЩ à pied is often omitted with movement verbs if we already know that the person is on foot. If it is surprising or ambiguous, à pied should be included.

1. walk:

1. walk:

to walk it inf SPORT

2. walk (escort on foot, lead):

1. walk:

1. go (move, travel):

aller (from de, to à, en)
who goes there? MILIT